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Mormac Packaging Australia have been supplying adhesive products to the printing and manufacturing industries for over 15 years. We carry many glues for an array of purposes such as padding glue for pad making, hot melt glue for carton sealing and mounting adhesives for product assembly. Padding glue is liquid glue that has a similar viscosity and appearance to PVA glue, milky white in colour when liquid and sets transparent. Hot melt glue sticks are available for different applications, as a general rule clear glue sticks are used to adhere plastic (PVC & PET etc.) to cardboard where as the yellow coloured glue sticks are best for adhereing cardboard to cardboard. Glue dots are very easy to use and provide a clean non-mess, instant bond which are primarily used for attaching items to magazines and other promotional material. Sticky dots are often a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues and tapes as they are 100% food safe and are safe to use. Glue Dots leave no mess, residue or odour, presenting your product and preserving your brand while increasing productivity and reducing costs.
Product Name Diameter Length Qty Description
Glue & Glue Sticks 5L Grip-It Padding Glue
Glue & Glue Sticks 15L Grip-It Padding Glue
Glue & Glue Sticks 12mm 300mm 5Kg Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Glue & Glue Sticks 16mm 200mm 5Kg 3M Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Product Name Diameter Qty Description
Hot Dots 1 Hot Dots Dispenser Gun
Hot Dots 8-10mm 5000 DOTS Clear Hot Dots Hand Application
Hot Dots 8-10mm 5000 DOTS Clear Hot Dots Hand Application
Hot Dots 8-10mm 1500 DOTS Clear Hot Dots to Suit Gun